• June 6, 1944
  • At dawn, an invasion armada
  • of over five thousand ships.
  • Appeared off the coast of
  • German-occupied France.
  • They had achieved complete
  • strategic surprise...

Omaha Beach,
June 6, 1944 Able Company orders are clear Dog White and neutralize all German strong point in the area..

after midnight on June 6th the largest airborne invasion is underway Paratroopers Fox Company must secure a vital road link between Omaha Beach and the town of Vierville to the prior to the beach landing.

... a crossroad linking Utah and Omaha Beach, Carentan is a critical objective in establishing a decesive allied beachhead in Normandy, Fox Company orders are to secure Carentan and push back the Axis defender.. .

I just wanted to say, this is
The biggest drama of all time ..The theatre of war