1944 ( 2 )

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Carentan counter-attack
Having secured Carentan Fox Company must now face a determined German counter attack. Shortly before sundown, lead elements of the 17th SS Panzergrenadier Division launch an offensive to regain Carentan.

4 day out of Carentan, Able and Dog Companies are tasked with clearing a route to Cherbourg and defending a convoy of troops, supplies needed for the final push to Cherbourg.

Allied inteligence has uncovered a functional V2 rocket site. Fox Company is called into raid the facility. The mission is neutralized the V2 site's garrison and destroy the rocket.

St Fromond
Operation Cobra, Able Company is deployed to St. Lo Sector, also known as Hedgerow Country. First mission to secure the town of St. Fromond and establish a bridgehead across the river Vire.

Hill 192
Their mission to secure Hill 192 before advancing toward St Lo.. Between Able Company and Hill 192 lies the maze like bocage nestled within German 88s, Panzers and concealed infantry

St Lo
Having secured Hill 192, Able Company's mission is now to root all Axis defenders from St Lo itself. German forces have made St Lo a fortress city and will defend if to the last man..

Able Company is orders on the offensive to hunt down and destroy the remaining Panther tanks of the Panzer Lehr Division.

following the loss of Capt. Mackay, Able Company is taken off the front lines and orders to relieve Dog Company from Mortain. Able orders are to dig in and wait to re-supply.

The German 7th army has begun its withdrawal from Normandy. Having only limited escape routes, Panzers and Tiger tanks are called into keep the escape routes open as long as possible. Capt. Shultz and the remains of his elite Tiger groupen are guarding ane such escape route.

August 19th.. the allies almost completely encircled the German 7th army..